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February 24, 2011 / valet parking experts

Special Trip

It is cold, it is wet.  London is once again closed under a blanket of clouds and rain.  Just the right time to get out of town.  Thank goodness you’ve made all the arrangements well ahead of time.  Things seem to fall into place very nicely.  You’re going to Africa.  Sunshine, no traffic, and did I mention beautiful sun? What a wonderful thing to look forward to.

Checking what has been packed, what still needs to be packed, will it all pass the weight restriction of the flight?  You check off your list: sunscreen, hat, tennis equipment, bathing suit, towels, tropical clothing, camera, batteries, and torch, mosquito repellent, everything seems in order.  You stand back and wonder how everything will be loaded at Gatwick Airport.  Check in is an hour before departure, so you have to be ready by then.  Just the last bit of toiletries and then you’re ready.

Oh bliss for little wheels on luggage these days, you think as you take your stuff out to the car.  You did not ask anyone to take you to the airport; you have decided to make use of the Valet Parking Gatwick offers.  This will be part of the trip.  You make your call to the Valet service and are assured that they have your time of arrival and there will be someone to meet you, help you unload your luggage, and then go and park your car for you.

Luggage now in the car, you make a final round of the house, making sure everything that should be off, is off, and everything that should be closed is closed, and that you didn’t leave anything behind, something important like your flight tickets.  Checking that the geyser is off while you are gone is your last little check.  Well, here goes!  Holiday oh holiday, here I come.

Lock the front door, turn on the alarm and off you go.  Into the traffic that moves at an unusually slow pace this morning, or is it just your imagination.  You can’t wait to get out of all this grayness.  You turn on the car radio and listen to the traffic report.  Ah, not so bad really.  Must be your eagerness to get out of the city that is making you impatient.  But you smile, as you realise that this is it, you are really on your way to Africa.  That really, really special trip.



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